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Send a Cow Gifts in Wills

The brief

As part of an integrated campaign, Send a Cow wanted to develop a Direct Mail pack to be part of their 30th Anniversary focus on Gifts in Wills. A key aim of the pack was to promote Send a Cow’s first Free Wills month in September 2018. 


As part of their new Gifts in Wills strategy, we helped Send a Cow to develop their campaign messaging: ‘A good life. Pass it on.’ This was then drip-fed through a range of communications to volunteers, staff and supporters, via press, legacy events and supporting digital materials. 

Our aim was to develop a DM pack that reflected the campaign messaging and made a direct appeal to supporters to consider leaving a gift in their Will, while also testing the free Will-making service as an incentive to act sooner rather than later. Any DM pack we developed would then be adapted to run within Supporter Journeys all year round. 

The solution

We all need to plan for the future…

The solution

We all need to plan for the future… 

A large format C4 pack centred on planning ahead; not only for the future of loved ones but also planning a lasting gift that could be left for farming families in rural Africa. 

Leading with Send a Cow’s ‘A good life. Pass it on.’ campaign strapline, the covering letter is written from the charity’s chief executive Paul Stuart. He begins with an empathetic paragraph on the importance, as a parent, of planning ahead; making a Will to provide for family in the future, and to ensure that last wishes are carried out. The free Will-writing service is then introduced as a helpful means to do this, indicating two easy and free ways to amend or make a new Will during the designated week in September.

The letter also reaffirms the lasting commitment Send a Cow has to its work in Africa, illustrates the ability for gifts in Wills to make real and measurable change, explains the charity’s dedicated plans for the future, and reassures supporters that any size of gift would be put to the best possible use to make an enduring difference. This is all backed by a testimonial from a previous supporter inspired to pledge a legacy herself. 

Two A4 lift items with striking full-size images were included within the pack – one reiterating the importance of planning ahead and the legal implications of not making a Will; the other providing a proof-point case study demonstrating how a family has been helped out of poverty with the help of past legacy donations from like-minded Send a Cow supporters. 

The results

Send a Cow were thrilled witih a healthy response rate of over 1% in terms of enquirers and new Will pledgers.