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Claire House Children’s Hospice – Legacy Warm Appeal and Door Drop

The challenge

With Legacies playing a key part of any charity fundraising strategy, the primary aim of the campaign was to increase general awareness within both new and existing audiences as a way of supporting Claire House Children’s Hospice, and also to increase the number of enquires generated via their free Will writing service.

The Echo approach

The analysis of previous Partially Addressed Mail response data together with Mosaic profiling of long term, higher value existing donors informed targeting of the best postal sectors for the cold Door Drop.

The Echo creative team worked closely alongside the hospice team to develop the initial proposition and create the ‘Always Here’ concept using the wonderful voice and experiences of a frontline hospice nurse. Signposts to the free Will service and the landing page were scattered throughout.

Developing a pack for both warm supporters and cold Door Drop pack in conjunction, allowed for cost efficiencies in creative development and also the consummate cost benefits of producing the simple mail pack in larger volumes.

The results

Mailed July 2022, Claire House were incredibly pleased with the response from both warm and cold audiences. The overall increase in Legacy enquires was 144% on the previous financial year, with almost 45% of responses coming from new supporters (11.4% specifically attributed to the mailed DM). Visits to the dedicated landing page also rose by 375% on the previous year, showing the huge impact of an integrated approach.

The mailing packs, run alongside a campaign of Email, Radio Ads and Social Media proved incredibly effective with the ‘on and off’ approach to staggered communications helping steadily bring in enquiries at a manageable level.